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We know you’ve probably got a bunch of questions about living with us, so we’ve put together a list of FAQs to help you out. Whether you’re wondering about how to book or what it’s really like to live with us, we’ve got you covered.

Your Booking

Where can I find a copy of your booking T&Cs?
How do I make a booking?
Can I pick my own room?
Can I live with friends?
How do I know who I’m living with?
When can I move in?
Do I need a deposit?
Can I cancel after booking?
Can I book a viewing online?
What if I have additional needs?

Your Payments

What if my student loan is late?
How is my rent paid?
How is my rent paid as an International student?

Your Stay

What do I do if I am not completely satisfied?
Can I bring my pet with me?
Does my room come with bedding etc..?
What about a TV licence?
Can I have friends to stay?
Will my flat get cleaned?
What if I have an issue with my room?
Am I allowed to smoke at the property?
How do I connect to the internet?
Are my things covered by insurance?
Government Guidelines
What can’t I do in my accommodation?
Who will come into my room?
How much fridge space is there in the studio rooms?
Can I bring my rice cooker/electric pressure cooker?
Do you have an airport pickup service?
What if I need to leave before my tenancy ends?

Your Move

Will my bedroom be inspected when I move out?
Do I need to move out for the holidays?
What if I want to stay over summer?

Your Peace Of Mind

How do you protect my money?
Property redress scheme

Your Life

What size is a small double bed?
Can I still receive deliveries?
Can I/my friends park at the building?
How do I wash my clothes?